What if you could see God…the same way you can see a piece of art?

This is actually the offer of Christianity through the incarnation. God was revealed to the world through Jesus. His friends called him the image of the invisible God. Jesus showed that God is both powerful and good and that he came to set us free. His followers wrote about this revelation and called it Gospel, which means good news.

Throughout history, followers of Jesus have continued to share this revelation. They wrote down the stories and they captured the message in stained glass windows and other forms of art.

In the same way, Incarnate Ministries seeks to use story telling, creative writing and visual art to help people see God and experience him in real ways.

If you are looking for God but feel like he is invisible, I assure you he is not. He is real and we can know him – we can see him. Once you begin to see and know the goodness of God revealed in Jesus, it will change everything.